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Access Statements’ exclusive mini-board network inside tanning salons across Southern Ontario.  This place-based network provides companies with an ideal way to reach young, trendy and social consumers.  Tanners are highly image-conscious and fashion forward.

Your ad will be unavoidable: it will stand-alone as a focal point within an otherwise advertisement-free environment.  Furthermore, these individuals will spend an extended period of time with your ad while they’re getting undressed and dressed.  This gives you a unique opportunity to deliver detailed information that will create a brand experience and enhance product image. Unlike other indoor poster signs, the people viewing the ad are not already out for the evening; place your message in the minds of these consumers while they’re active in the marketplace and close to the point of sale. Our Tanning Salon network is a great way to supplement other place-based or out-of-home campaigns that are targeting a predominately young, active demographic.

Integrate product sampling, onsite promotions or an SMS campaign to further penetrate this desirable customer-base!

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